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  1. Hi Terry, Thanks for putting on such a cool race. I really enjoyed it and hope to be back next year with some friends. My sister, Heather Maguire, said she spoke to you about me losing my blue jacket from my pack. I took it off on the way down off the first big hill so hopefully someone will find it between there and the finish. I just did the half. If it is handed in can you please either contact me or Heather and I will arrange to get it sent back. Cheers, Steve.


  2. Hi, I recently did the Northburn Station half marathon.Is the Mt Difficulty race over much more difficult terrain that that?


    • You need to be experienced in the mountains. Tramper, hunter, done a few mountain runs… that sort of thing.


  3. I’ve done a few mountain runs here in Australia, 6ft track, UTA (renamed North Face) and am planning a few more with increased difficulty before I’d tackle Mt Difficulty. It’d be good to know what I could use as a gauge to know when I’m ready.


    • Mac’s Track – the second decent in the Buffalo Stampede is a good measure, you go up and down stuff at least as steep as that. Plus the climb up to Clearspot just after Mac’s Track … you have other climbs at least that steep but for a vertical km. Mt Difficulty is not a running race – it is a mission. On the positive side – once at the top of the climbs the vast majority of the down-hills are very nice and runnable.


    • Oh, and we don’t have any slippery gravel like at Buffalo. We have frost and ice and hopefully snow (over the top where the gradient levels out a bit) (Frost and ice could be anywhere on the course. Snow is only likely on the top, gentler gradients).


  4. Hi Terry. I am coming down by myself from Tauranga (arriving Qtown Friday 11am, leaving Sunday 3:30pm) Any way of hooking up with others re sharing a ride and/or Accommodation? Thanks in advance. Regards Stephen


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