Welcome to the site of the Mt Difficulty Ascent ‘running’ races 11th June 2022

5th race of the Oceania Skyrunning Series.
Championship event of the NZ Skyrunning Series.

Online Entries Click Here

Extreme mountain missions 44km and 25km options.

Based on Mt. Difficulty, Cromwell, New Zealand.

The premise is it’s a mountain trail ‘run’ of either 25km or 44km distance. The reality is some sections of the ascent are between 40-50′. We also have a 200m section with a set rope in part of the decent,  mostly to keep you on course but also as a safety requirement from a legal perspective. If that’s making you uncomfortable already, good, this event is not for everyone – we have a much more benign Marathon or Half Marathon event The Rustic Run/Walk (on the same day, same start/finish).

If you are ‘as excited as all-hell!’ Great – keep reading.

This is an ADVENTURE RUN folks, the ‘adventure’ part means you cant run all of this course. The ups are really UP! You’ll be hands on knees, puffing just to walk, at times you will be using your hands to help you scramble up some dirty, rocky slopes, maybe churning through snow…

Pre race registration: Race pack pick-up, gear check and main briefing will be held at the Mt Difficulty Winery, Bannockburn, Cromwell on the Friday prior between 5pm-8.30pm. Briefing at 7.30pm. Make a weekend of it, if you need accommodation there are plenty of great options in and around Cromwell.

Race start 8am

  • No headlights required – sun will just come up as you’re starting the first major climb.

Entry fee: 

Course Descriptions: 

  • Course descriptions for the 44km and 25km can be found HERE


  • We get a lot of repeat questions about this race – they are covered HERE


  • You can find a link to the GPX maps – HERE

Required Gear:

  • small day backpack
  • rain jacket – it can be just a ‘shell’ but it must be seam-sealed waterproof
  • merino or thermal long sleeve top
  • extra fleece/mid weight wool top (250 – 300+ gram)
  • long thermal tights or trousers (compression leggings are not acceptable/ waterproof over-trousers are acceptable) Poly-prop or merino are the norm
  • warm beanie or Thir Band! (Multifunctional headwear)
  • warm gloves
  • survival /bag
  • own snacks, gels, energy bars, nutrition etc
  • water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 1 litre of water and/or Tailwind Rehydration
  • whistle
  • gaiters (optional but recommended)
  • Sturdy shoes with good grip on dirt, mud, rock, snow.

Thermal means the garments have heat retention qualities. ‘Moisture wicking’ by itself will do nothing to keep you warm in this race. Leggings and compression gear that does not have Thermal qualities will not be accepted. You can still ware your compression leggings – but you’ll have to carry a pair of Thermal ones as well – and depending on the day you may well start out with both on. We will be doing rigorous gear checks on the Friday at registration. If you’re not sure if your garment is up to the specifications please go into a good outdoor shop with staff who actually do a lot of hiking or climbing and ask them for advice.

See this link here – this is what you need or better!

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Wild earth ascent

Mt Diff Ascent

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to the site of the Mt Difficulty Ascent ‘running’ races 11th June 2022

  1. Hello, I have done 5 Avalanche peak runs the last 5 years ago, based on that how do you rate this event, ie would this experience given I am fit enough to cope with this


  2. Hey terry, just wanted to ask, do you know if there’s anybody else from Oamaru that’s running the race.


  3. Hi!
    I’m looking for somebody to share driving from Christchurch. Is it possible to get contact details from the entry list?



      • Cheers Terry. I’m actually planning on driving myself, I was looking to see if anybody wanted a lift down with me.


  4. hi, just a couple of questions for gear check do we need to bring everything over? as in what we are planning to wear as well as compulsory gear? Also do we need double ups? or are we able to wear items on race day such as in events like kepler? and one more question is there anyone heading over from arrowtown in the morning of the race I could catch a ride with over please?
    Cheers, am very excited about this race!


    • Hi Michelle – you only need to bring the ‘required’ gear over. This can be worn at the start of the race (and I’d expect much of it will be!) I’ll see who’s coming from Arrowtown and give them your number.


  5. Hi Terry, Thanks for a great race on Saturday. Just wanted to ask, how do I get hold of the photo’s.
    Would like to send some back yo my family In Dk. I know there’s a couple of me in the robe section.
    Thanks again. Will be back next year


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